Buy Nathan Sharratt: A Requirement of the Masters of Fine Arts Degree of Georgia State University; A Thesis Exhibition in 5 Days

The Artist in His Studio, Preparing for the Glorious Institutional Retrospective.

Daily Livestream Events During the Exhibition.

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The Artist At Work 

“Please join me in celebrating the opening and closing of my thesis exhibition [Buy Nathan Sharratt: A Requirement of the Masters of Fine Arts Degree of Georgia State University] on March 24 from 5 to 8pm.

[Exhibition, gift shop, performances, livestream] dates & hours: March 20 - 25, 2016, 10am - 6pm

To request disability accommodations at the Welch Galleries, please contact Cynthia Farnell at 404-413-5230 / with your request making sure to provide your name and the event name/date.

Parking and Visitor Info::
There are a sprinkling of street spots on and around Peachtree Center Ave and Gilmer St and these are free after 7pm.
GSU also has two visitor lots within a block or two of the gallery. These are T Deck and M Deck. 

for more info on where these decks are located. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, be forewarned of the one way streets and students who cross them without looking. You’ll find a spot—just give yourself a little bit of time and a lot of patience.

Looking forward to seeing you there! ]”

Text by Tori Tinsley
Edited by Nathan Sharratt

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To cleanse the population in preparation for the coming #artwar

I have taken my art objects hostage. I demand ransom of their supposed retail value or they will face execution. The ability for the artist to survive and feed themselves lies almost exclusively in the hands of the collector. I call upon them now to assert their belief in the value of art objects as embodiments of the souls of artists and rescue these Art Refugees, or through inaction to allow them to perish, and consequently a piece of the artist dies with it. Through the transitive property of equality, the artist is only as valuable as their art work.The length of time available to rescue an art refugee is relative to its asserted retail value. 

To directly rescue an art object, determine which are currently being held for ransom by following the artist on social media (InstagramTwitter, Facebook), then donate the requisite financial amount to PayPal account In the case of multiple donations for the same refugee, the earliest time stamp will be accepted, all others will be refunded.

To negotiate the refugee’s release via other means, contact the warden via above social media channels.

#nicehashtag Installed at CNN World Headquarters for HLN

Just finished installing a sculpture commission from HLN in the CNN building in Atlanta, GA called “#nicehashtag”. It’s an 8’ x 8’ x 5’ sculpture that does sentiment analysis of tweets in real-time and changes color based on that analysis via a program that can control Philips Hue smart bulbs. The script can determine whether a tweet is Positive (green), Neutral (blue), or Negative (red). The concept was to make social media physical, and provide a framework for experiences with social media that encourages the audience to be kind to one another on the internet. The title, #nicehashtag, relates to the unstable nature of non-verbal communication; “nice hashtag” could mean that someone is being kind, or it could be sarcastic, or even congratulatory. The ambiguity and lack of context, much like the 140-character limit of tweets, allows the viewer to project their own interpretations and expectations upon the work.

Here are some pics I took on install day while the programmers Miles and Kelsey were debugging and finalizing the script, so the colors are all sorts of crazy. Kelsey is like, really excited.

Here’s a promo video that HLN released, with all 4 commissioned projects, including sculptures by Mike Stasny and Mass Collective:

More to come, including a behind the scenes video and some new video of the sculpture responding to Twitter in real-time.

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