My family is kind of a Frankenstein’s monster. Well, mostly just me. My parents adopted me when I was five, even though my mother also gave birth to me. Massachusetts law doesn’t allow for a child to be adopted who has a legal parent or guardian. So after my parents married, and my father wanted to adopt me, my mother had to give me up as a ward of the state, and then both parents jointly adopted me. I was an orphan for ten minutes. 

My maiden name is Kaczynski. Like the Unabomber. I’m not the Unabomber. My adopted name is Sharratt. I have two birth certificates, and two social security cards. Two sisters and one brother. There are no “halves” or “steps” in our family. We love each other, and that’s all that matters. 

Come Inside. Me. is a love letter to my family, warts and all. And also your family, and all families. To all the wonderful, crazy, sad, awkward, or terrible experiences that happen inside a house that make it a home.

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