7 Minutes In Heaven 

A performance and installation that allows the artist and viewer to engage in meaningful collaboration by creating a place where social contracts are forged anew every 7 minutes. For 7 minutes, anything can happen as long as both the artist and the collaborator agree it should be done. Suggested actions are printed along the walls.

When the timer sounds to announce the end of the interaction, the collaborator is given a marker to record what happened according to their own interpretation. They could make a tick mark on as many words as they wished, or write on the wall if the action had no precedent.

Commissioned by PushPush Theater for SeeThrough, April 2013, performed at Erikson Clock in Atlanta, GA.

Review by Jerry Cullum

Documented by Dave Batterman

Editing and sound by Nathan Sharratt

Performer AnnaLee Burnstein

Costumer Meredith Placko

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