It’s a good thing when you’re too busy to tell people what you’ve been up to, right? Since my Buy Nathan Sharratt thesis exhibition and social media performance last year I’ve been developing several projects concurrently that work to benefit the artistic community in Atlanta with the overall goal of cultivating a new generation of collectors and arts supporters. 

I’ve got a few other projects in the works that I’ll talk about down the line a bit, but this should give you a peek at what I’ve been up to lately and a hint at what’s coming in the future:

  • I participated in the Seedworks creative incubator for 8 months to develop Commodity:Art, and am now working with them to develop a physical arts incubation space to support artists, not “The Arts.” 
  • Last March I curated an exhibition to raise funds for a new artist residency at Hearts to Nourish Hope in Riverdale, GA called Hearts Fair. 
  • I’m developing an ARTWAR mobile game-as-art that uses the mechanics of freemium games to cultivate new collectors and to use the monetization tactics of these games to fund artists and art spaces. We’re in prototype stage now, and I’ll post on my social media feeds when we’re ready for play testers if you’re interested and you can sign up to my mailing list to get notified.

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