Introducing Art:Crate - Support Your Local Artists

Non-artist friends and others who support artists: Consider signing up for Art:Crate, a monthly subscription service for original local art.

I was working with SeedWorks: An Agile Lab For Artists and ETChster to launch this right before C19 hit. It would provide artists with monthly income as well as guaranteed purchases over time.

 *** We also have a hidden, experimental option to split Crates up with friends to lower monthly subscription costs, just let me know who your Art:Buddies are and I can apply the split and discount manually after everyone signs up. ***

This seems like a perfect time to get more art into people’s homes and to do something that will make a real impact for creatives. Check it out!

Beta-round artist roster: Nathan Sharratt, P Seth Thompson, Aaron Artrip, Alea Hurst, Helen Ferguson Crawford, Katharine Miele, Megan C Mosholder, Keith Wisdom

More artists can be added once we’ve got a good subscriber list going; I have a long waiting list to get into the program!

Sign up now!

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