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Internship applications are now open and accepted on a rolling basis when there's an opening. 

Apply early to be considered early.

2013 Spring and Summer interns AnnaLee Burnstein and Sarah Shipman


Studio Assistant/Internships

Working on some cool projects, so I thought this would be a good time to open up internship applications. 
I'm looking for 1-3 dedicated and talented young artists to work with me 10-20 hours per week for an educational internship with a modest monthly stipend to offset travel and other expenses. You will learn specialized skills both in studio arts and studio management. 

Since graduating with a Summa Cum Laude BFA sculpture degree in 2011, I have had work purchased and exhibited by the High Museum of Art, exhibited at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, selected as a 2013/2014 Walthall Fellow and an ACAC Studio Artist, executed an award-winning solo exhibition, Come Inside. Me., completed a residency at the Hambidge Center, was a visiting artist for the Center For Chemical Evolution, named an Artist To Watch in 2013 in The Atlantan magazine's Arts & Power Issue and have been featured on NPR, The Atlantic's CityLab, Gizmodo, Design Taxi, Adweek and more.

My full CV. I also recommend you check out my Press page which has interviews and reviews to get some insight into my process and practice.

I am an emerging artist, but I previously worked for over a decade in New York City's commercial art industry before transitioning to fine art. I have a lot that I can teach, and there's a lot that we can learn together. 

Some upcoming projects and professional-practice opportunities include:
  • Walthall exhibition at Gallery 72 (life-sized 3D-printed guillotine and happy severed heads)
  • Sculptural marquis for a well-known Atlanta arts organization
  • Preparation for commercial gallery representation (documenting artwork, managing inventory, preparing a presskit)


I work in a variety of media and methods, and consequently have need for a variety of skillsets. Some are more general, some are highly specialized. Look through the site to get a feel for the variety. I don't expect anyone to know how to do everything. Tell me what your interests and skills are, and we can work from there. My current work involves computer-aided production processes, including 3D printing, scanning, and CNC milling. Skills or interest in 3D modeling and production preferred but not required.

  • Reliable transportation. Currently I split time between my home studio is in Marietta and my studio at ACAC. 
  • Commitment. I want to help you grow as you help me grow. This requires an investment of time and energy on both our parts. If you put in the effort with me, I will reciprocate with gusto. I look out for my people, and if you work with me, doors will be opened for you. 
  • Organization. I spend too much time on administration and not enough time on studio work. I would like to reverse that trend. Administration duties may include: Researching grants, residencies, and exhibition opportunities, writing proposals, general research and organization for studio work, cataloging and documenting physical artwork, documenting performances, in-town errands and supply runs, updating social media and online portfolios, light correspondence, studio organization, calendar tracking, studio-visit prep (eg when a curator or collector comes to visit the studio), etc.
  • Initiative. Make it happen.
  • Attention To Detail. The small and the big.
  • Skills. In your application, tell me what useful skills you have, and what skills you'd like to learn. If you're not a builder but you dig computer work, great. If you're a whiz at carpentry or metalwork, excellent. If you make a mean spreadsheet, awesome. You don't need to know everything; I don't want you to know everything. But I want you to know something.
  • Basic Graphics Software Preferred. I will teach you any advanced or specialized software or techniques, but a general familiarity with graphic, video, audio, and especially 3D modeling software will be helpful. Examples: Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Live, Rhino, Meshmixer, animation, etc. I've been trying to find time to learn more Processing and Arduino programming as well to incorporate physical computing into my work. 
  • Basic Building/Sculpture Skills Preferred. I do a lot of installation work. 
  • Your Own Dedicated Art-Making Practice. This above all else. You have to have a passion for art and be actively making it.


  • College Credit. If needed.
  • Stipend. This is not a salaried position, however there is a modest monthly stipend to offset transportation and other expenses. There is also opportunity to earn revenue through a few methods. One, if you assist me on a commissioned project, an assistant's fee will be built into the budget. I don't make nearly as much as a fine artist as I used to as a commercial artist, but basically, if you help me make money, I will share that money with you as much as possible. I like paying people. Additionally, I will look for as many ways to not take advantage of you as possible. I've had my own nightmare internship where instead of learning I was exclusively cleaning coffee cups, answering phones, and restocking the fridge. Essentially replacing the office manager they just fired with free labor. There is definitely grunt work involved, but it's mostly productive grunt work that you should be able to apply to your own practice.
  • Contacts. During the course of the assistantship, I will invite you to accompany me whenever possible to meetings and events with curators, gallerists, commissioners, and collectors. I get asked often for recommendations for shows, if I see an appropriate opportunity to recommend you, I will do so.
  • Critical Feedback. At least one hour a week will be devoted to your work in whatever capacity is most useful to you. I'm an excellent sounding board for ideas and I give super duper critiques. I can help you clarify and focus your artistic voice, I can help you figure out what to put on your website, I can read over your statement and tell you how terrible it is (all statements are terrible).
  • Skills. As an educational internship you will be learning specialized skills. I know how to do a lot of stuff and I will share those skills with you. Concurrently there's a lot of stuff I don't know how to do that I might ask you to research or learn for me. I will also ask you to help me figure out logistical or technical problems, for example: We need to build a marquis on the side of a building, how do we attach it to the building it so it doesn't kill anyone and meets building codes?
  • Equipment. I have a lot of stuff. You can use that stuff if I'm not presently using it. Some of that stuff includes: 3D printer, Kinect-based 3D scanner, Canon Pro 9000 Mark II printer, Canon T3i DSLR, 13" blade-based die cutter/vinyl cutter/drawing plotter, opaque projector, lots and lots of audio and music gear, Sony PCM-D50 stereo condenser field recorder, hardware-calibrated 30" monitor for image editing, Wacom tablet, circuitboard soldering station, table saw, mitre saw, circular saw, angle grinder, nail gun, compressor, vacuum-form machine, etc. 
  • Framing. I do framing on the side. You can work with me and earn some extra money.
  • Business. You will learn what it's like to be a working artist. I've come a long way in a short time, but there's an even longer road ahead. Come with me.

Time and Duration

  • Typically 3 month intervals, 10-20 hours per week. The schedule varies based on what project I'm working on currently. I work in my studio from 10ish to 7ish on average weekdays. Some research and administrative work may be completed offsite. During install or on deadline those hours tend to go out the window. Weekends may be required. We'll work it out.

Selection Process

  • I'm accepting applications on a rolling basis; the sooner you get your application in, the sooner I'll consider it and the sooner we can get working.
  • Applications will be reviewed for quality of portfolio work, work ethic, skillsets and learning interest, and a personal interview. I'm looking for existing potential and the dedication to achieve that potential. I'm looking for an artistic voice. I'm looking for an intense desire to learn and work hard. Again, if you work hard for me, I will work hard for you. Also: must like laser tag.


Email me:

Artistic Values

I believe in making rigorous, thoughtful contemporary art with complex ideas, and I believe that an artist doesn't need to move to New York or LA to be successful on an international level.

  • Honesty in content. Even if I'm lying.
  • Exquisite craft. Even in conceptual work.
  • Every choice matters. Even when it doesn't. 
  • Multiple entry points. An approachable shell enclosing layered content. 
  • Don't be selfish. 
  • Attention to detail. What you feel before you see is important.
  • The viewer is not stupid. Don't treat them like they are.
  • Surprises. Unexpected connections create unexpected experiences.
  • Technology is a tool, not a product.
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