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Commodity:Art Coasters

$10.00 USD

Note: This is a limited time, pre-release sale. Images shown represent four variants of common coaster art, and are not the full set.

Commodity:Art is a collaborative artwork that investigates value within the art market. Commodity:Art is a series of blind-box, limited-edition collectible products created for and by fine artists. The first series is a set of coasters featuring Atlanta Contemporary Studio Artists. While most coasters are laser-etched birch plywood, each box has a chance to contain a rare, "Artist Touched" coaster that features a handmade element. All sales directly benefit the artists featured on the coasters, and the artists who produce the coasters. 

Being featured in Commodity:Art is by invitation only, and I have to know the invited artist personally.

Each coaster is made from scratch in my studio. The series number is limited by how many coasters I can produce within a set time period. For this initial "Art Party Exclusive" run, there are 11 artists and 250 total coasters, with 73 different design variants.

Artists featured:

Tyler Beard (+ rare)

Jaime Bull (+ rare)

Joe Camoosa (+rare)

Jane Foley Garver

Kojo Griffin

Dana Haugaard (+rare)

Sonya Yong James (+rare)

Kelly Kristen Jones

Masud Olufani

Nathan Sharratt (+rare)

Christina A. West




Set of 4

Collectors Edition Gold = 20 coasters, 1 regular + 1 rare for each artist (limited availability)

Collectors Edition Platinum = 73 coasters, 1 of each variant, plus custom storage box (very limited availability)

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