Introducing Art:Crate - Support Your Local Artists

Non-artist friends and others who support artists: Consider signing up for Art:Crate, a monthly subscription service for original local art.

I was working with SeedWorks: An Agile Lab For Artists and ETChster to launch this right before C19 hit. It would provide artists with monthly income as well as guaranteed purchases over time.

 *** We also have a hidden, experimental option to split Crates up with friends to lower monthly subscription costs, just let me know who your Art:Buddies are and I can apply the split and discount manually after everyone signs up. ***

This seems like a perfect time to get more art into people’s homes and to do something that will make a real impact for creatives. Check it out!

Beta-round artist roster: Nathan Sharratt, P Seth Thompson, Aaron Artrip, Alea Hurst, Helen Ferguson Crawford, Katharine Miele, Megan C Mosholder, Keith Wisdom

More artists can be added once we’ve got a good subscriber list going; I have a long waiting list to get into the program!

Sign up now!

Art In The Time of COVID-19

The past two years have been packed full of lovely and challenging events. I had a baby, Elsie Rose, and took some time off from my full-time art career to focus on family. During that time I pivoted my practice to working from home and developing the SeedWorks Lab with PushPush Arts, and subsequently opening the new PushPush Arts hub in College Park, GA where my current studio resides (well, technically I’m currently isolating in my basement, which is fun—if fun is sifting through piles of everything we didn’t want to look at in the main living areas while raising a newborn to now get a functional working space).  I also recently joined the board for PushPush Arts to assist in its mission of elevating the arts and providing paths to sustainability for Atlanta artists of all kinds.

PushPush Arts opened up only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, which nullified many of our in-person arts programs and pushed us, like everyone else, to move online. So here we are. Here I am. I’m working on developing pathways for online engagement for studio artists, which includes livestreaming and virtual creative spaces. 

I’ve been incubating a project for investment through SeedWorks called This Is Art. Show., which is a cross between a late-night talk show and a studio visit, where the show goes to the artist instead of the artist coming to the show. With social distancing, I’m updating the form of the show to pivot to a virtual space. This will be joined with other segments including 

  • Study Hall - artists working together, virtually
  • Art & Chill - livestreams of in-studio work
  • Looking For Group - virtual boardgame nights

And let’s not forget the original segment proposals:

  • Good Advice: Stuck on what to do with your art project? Write in and I’ll give artistic advice that just may could be genius. Or disastrous. (Humorous)
  • Terrible Advice: Career advancement and professional practices. Gross. (Actually useful)
  • Fix Your Statement: All artist statements are garbage. Mine included. Listeners can send in their artist statement and I’ll “fix” it. Results may vary.
  • #checkin: What’s going on in my social media feed? Any cool Insta pics? (love that Google Streetview glitch she just posted) Crazy Facebook comments? (he said WHAT to WHOM about EH?) Kickass sponsored ads? (limited time only) Cool events coming up? (a popup gallery in a luxury hotel? You don’t say!) It’s all nonsense and also #VERYIMPORTANT.
  • A Message From Our Sponsors: We all gotta eat. A mix of real and imagined sponsorship advertisements.
  • Listener Mail: Questions? Comments? Corrections? Strike that last one. This is ART, remember? There are no wrong answers. Only dumb questions.
  • This Is Art: An evolving and ongoing series of on-air meta-artworks made during and/or inside the show. Official Artwork By Nathan Sharratt.
  • Interstitials: Commissioned mini-art by local artists and musicians for titles, cutaways, and musical interludes.
  • Studio Hack: Professional tips and tricks. 
  • My Kid Could Do That: Pop quiz hotshot: Professional artist or toddler? Man/woman/other on the street. Win prizes from sponsors.
  • How To Art: Guest teaches me how to make one of their artworks. Mess ensues. Artwork could be sold to raise funds.
  • Smash That Like: Guest recommendations for art, music, Internet, books, etc.

So far I’ve got two streams under my belt and am working on getting through the learning curve as quickly as I can.

Want to support me as I produce this artistic endeavor? 

Send me some cash for art supplies and upgraded equipment:

Catch my streams on Twitch:

Here’s a stream I did for SeedWorks Artists doing a quick overview of our SeedWorks Lab Slack Team:


It’s a good thing when you’re too busy to tell people what you’ve been up to, right? Since my Buy Nathan Sharratt thesis exhibition and social media performance last year I’ve been developing several projects concurrently that work to benefit the artistic community in Atlanta with the overall goal of cultivating a new generation of collectors and arts supporters. 

I’ve got a few other projects in the works that I’ll talk about down the line a bit, but this should give you a peek at what I’ve been up to lately and a hint at what’s coming in the future:

  • I participated in the Seedworks creative incubator for 8 months to develop Commodity:Art, and am now working with them to develop a physical arts incubation space to support artists, not “The Arts.” 
  • Last March I curated an exhibition to raise funds for a new artist residency at Hearts to Nourish Hope in Riverdale, GA called Hearts Fair. 
  • I’m developing an ARTWAR mobile game-as-art that uses the mechanics of freemium games to cultivate new collectors and to use the monetization tactics of these games to fund artists and art spaces. We’re in prototype stage now, and I’ll post on my social media feeds when we’re ready for play testers if you’re interested and you can sign up to my mailing list to get notified.

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